Surveillance Cameras

Keep an eye on business wherever you are

Different organizations have different reasons for installing surveillance systems, but it often boils down to one thing - peace of mind. You can’t be everywhere at once, but your Onsite Computing Surveillance Camera system can be.

Our CCTV and security surveillance means you get a real-time and remote function view of your property so you can get the valuable insights into your operations as well as prevent theft. It’s the most simple and reliable way to implement robust security around the clock.

Onsite Computing’s CCTV & Security Surveillance solutions gives you:

  • Remote view of your property via smartphone or tablet
  • Professional grade Sony vandal-proof dome cameras in aluminum alloy housing
  • Custom CCTV and surveillance camera installations to meet your unique needs
  • Friendly and professional installation service with training on how to properly operate your system
  • Best price guarantee - we’ll match or beat any competitor’s quoted installation price

Don’t take the risk with your business. Get adequate security surveillance now from Onsite Computing to prevent the worst from happening.

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