Data & Phone Cabling

Solid infrastructure for better business communications

Here at Onsite Computing, we understand there’s more to hiring a professional data and phone cabling service than mere installation. Installing proper data and voice cabling is a must to ensure optimal performance from your network.

With Onsite Computing Data and Phone Cabling service, our team of experts will work with you to develop a project plan and comprehensive overall design to deliver a quality end solution.

Onsite Computing’s Data and Phone Cabling service has you covered with:

  • Installation of copper and fiber optic cable for ultimate performance and reliability
  • Installation of air-blown fiber systems
  • Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  • Cable certification and compliance testing for your peace of mind
  • Structured cabling system design
  • Development of bid specifications and RFP packages
  • Planning, engineering and budgeting review
  • Database development for cable management
  • Construction plan review for EIA/TIA standard compliance

The advantages of using Data and Phone Cabling service include:

  • Robust structure that supports the design, organization and maintenance of business and management procedures
  • Increased data speed which boosts overall productivity
  • Ease of relocating and expanding business operations for critical telephone and computer operations
  • Flexibility in adjusting naturally to network infrastructure changes without business or workflow disruption

Whether you’re moving to a new location or upgrading the data and voice cabling in your business, you can count on our expert cablers to handle the right data cabling installation.

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